Installing an ADDITIONAL router

A single router does not increase the speed of the Internet, which is provided by the provider. In the best case, the router will maintain its previous speed. If the router divides the Internet signal between several devices, the speed for each device may be lower than the speed provided by the provider.

Another reason for the loss of signal quality is the wrong location of the access point.

In most cases, the computer is located near the apartment window, there is also a router and an Internet cable, lowered from the roof, where the provider's equipment is located. As a result, the access point covers only part of the apartment or house.

The effective distance of the 2.4-GHz router is from 8 to 12 meters. With the distance and / or barriers of 1-3 walls, as well as taking into account the architectural features of the building (number of floors, building material, area), the signal and data transfer speed deteriorates, and may cause network breakage. The installation of additional access points throughout the house, will allow you to move freely through the rooms without significant loss of signal quality, using seamless roaming technology.