IP address

IP address. Additional static IP address.

The "Static IP address" service allows you to get an IP address that is used for addressing computers, PDAs, and phones on the Internet and allows you to get secure access to private resources, local networks, and financial services.

If you have a static IP address, you are given the same IP address every time you connect.

Secure access to private resources is provided.

While accessing the Internet using GPRS/EDGE and UMTS technologies (when switching from one technology to another) using the same Internet service (access point), your static IP address will not change.

Using the service, you can:

Access information resources with limited access where the user is identified by IP address (corporate networks and mail servers);

Organize your own WEB server and exchange information within your own virtual networks (Ethernet networks);

Transfer funds and manage your account via remote access to the Bank payment system.

A single static IP address can only be used for one active Internet service. You cannot order a single IP address for two or more Internet services at the same time.